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Jorge Luis Borges


Final Fantasy, Haldern 2009


SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN for the CINEMA LOCALE zine! Read all about it on this here densely-collaged document or scan the QR code or browse the links below for more information!
Some ideas especially for you, straight from my 1am brain:
- wax poetic about Daniel Craig’s steely blues
- write a nice haiku about the beauty of celluloid
- a freestyle poem about the 4k workflow
- a super cute collage of smiling set photos, all of the photos cut into adorable heart shapes
I have confidence that you all can take it from here!
Here’s a nice big link to the document.
And! The link to the master-posting that the QR code goes to!
It’s easier to have the music talk about ‘us’ at smaller shows, rather than just the artist themselves. When people hear my music I hope they hear it as a document of the human condition, rather than a document of Owen’s condition.


I added a link to my whole In Conflict paper to my side blog 

in case anyone wants to read the thing

I want to read the thing but I don’t know what your side blog is


Simon Bookish
Terry Riley Disco (Original)

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love food like liz lemon loves food

love others like leslie knope loves ann perkins

love yourself like mindy lahiri loves herself

and rock your careers like all three of them

Interview with Kishi Bashi »




Any particularly strong influences?

You know tUnE-yArDs? … She’s really great. There’s tUnE-yArDs, Andrew Bird, of course, is great, you’ve probably heard of him. Who’s the other guy — Yann Seznec. Owen Pallett is really great. He’s a violinist who loops and stuff, and he’s really, really good. It’s funny, there’s a message board where there’s these, like his fans are arguing about me on his message board.

What are they arguing about?

Not arguing, but they’re like, ‘What’s up with this guy, Kishi Bashi? He sounds — he ‘s, like, taking from Owen, he’s not the first to do it, Owen Pallett’s the first one.’ And I never claimed to be the first one, but his fans are like trying, you know, there’s contention about me, the origin of what I do. So, actually, I wrote to Owen Pallett - well, normally I don’t interact with those weirdos, but it’s like, these guys are strange, you know, they’re debating nothing. But then I noticed that Owen Pallett actually comments on these things himself.

What was his comment?

He’s just like, ‘Guys, leave him alone, he’s actually pretty good’ kind of thing. So I noticed that he did, so I posted too, and so I’m going to have lunch with him in Toronto. I’m going to meet up with him.

So there’s peace in the world of looping.

Exactly. The big loop peace accords are happening in Toronto.

I love this.

It’s also worth going through that link to the forum to hear owen pallett talk about Kishi Bashi, Andrew Bird, and himself.

I’m sorry but this is actually kinda shitty

That forum thread is one person observing that Kishi Bashi is stylistically similar to Owen, and several other people politely (and somewhat generously) disagreeing (incl. Owen himself, as he regularly joins into conversations on his message board). Nothing remarkable at all.

Owen’s shzine board is literally the most mild and civilized fan forum ever. To tell the press that Owen’s fans were “arguing” and that they are “strange” and “weirdos” is an insane exaggeration, and frankly quite rude.

Kishi Bashi is the one who keeps mentioning Owen as a strong influence (“I’ll shamelessly admit that, when developing my solo live set last year, I looked to the masters: Owen Pallett […] to see what was possible in looping. I’m actually a fan of Owen”). If you’re so worried about people calling you out on your similarities to his work (which basically no one is!), then why keep bringing it up? I think “the lady doth protest too much” is apt here.



India K


the un are having a conference on gender equality and have only invited men like that was an actual joke on parks and recreation and now it has happened in real life

Do you remember? Do you remember being solid? Do you remember life before the hole? Before you were empty and needed to be filled? There was a time when everything was enough. There was a time you didn’t try to get out of your own skin. Remember?
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